What a surprise that Nigel Farage - current face of the booming Reform party - isn’t opposed to many of Andrew Tate’s ideas (yes, the guy who is currently stuck in Romania on charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women). In the interests of balance, whilst he did think Tate was an “important voice for the emasculated”, he didn’t offer unqualified support, deeming him to be at times “over the top”.

He was less qualified in his his take on Liz Truss' famously disastrous budget, that ruined to some extent both Britain’s economy and standing in the world, alongside her own (mainstream) political career.

“I welcomed much of Liz Truss’s budget….I would much have preferred her to hold her nerve, keep making those arguments and see if the party dared get rid of them.”

He’s been a big fan of Putin and Orban in his time too of course.

I would not want someone so incapable of learning a lesson, so fundamentally unpatriotic despite his flag waving, anywhere near our economy.