📺 Watched Clarkson’s Farm.

A show so fantastical that, at times, it makes Jeremy Clarkson look almost like a sympathetic character.

Yes, he’s bounced back from whatever his last offensive comment or terrible political opinion was to grace a large number of screens in the UK as he “runs” a farm called “Diddly Squat”. Remember “The Simple Life” show all those years ago where the hook was that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie would endevour to do whatever was regarded at the time as a nasty, messy or generally subservient job - you know, the kind of jobs many of us routinely do but someone with in their stratum of fame and wealth never had to learn how to do? This is kind of like a version of the farm episode from that, except that the celebrity know-nothing concerned owns the place.

It has less structural sexism or ageism (excluding anything Jeremy might say), but the same ethos of privileged person who doesn’t really have a clue about what he’s doing bumbling around doing things badly whilst the normies who really know how it’s done - because it’s what they have had to become proficient at in order to live a hopefully decent life - try to save him from himself. It’s usually a light-hearted enough show so stuff turns out OK in the end, with the exception of some upsetting animal deaths.

The surrounding cast, his employees and contractors are, are pretty universally entertaining and seemingly nice, rational, kind of normal people who get openly exasperated having to deal with someone like Jeremy, even though he is their boss. With great accents in some cases.

So there’s a lot of charm here, and even some references to important issues that are currently causing great stress to the type of farmers who are not TV celebrities - weather, costs, income etc. - if you can overlook the host’s history and don’t mind listening to a few standard rants about political correctness gone mad, government overeach (some of the latter may even be fair, I’m no expert) and the like.