I was sad to hear that The Nib, the “publisher of political cartoons and nonfiction comics about what is going down in the world”, is to shut down.

…there’s no one factor involved. Rather it involves, well, everything. The rising costs of paper and postage, the changing landscape of social media, subscription exhaustion, inflation, and the simple difficulty of keeping a small independent publishing project alive with relatively few resources—though we did a lot with them. The math isn’t working anymore.

You may not know the name but if you’ve been on the Internet for more that a few minutes then you may have come across at least parts of its more meme-able output.

Here’s the much circulated final panel from one of my favourite strips - now oft-utilised as a frustratingly evergreen meme -Mister Gotcha.

I’ve never actually seen the physical edition, but the final issue is on sale now.