It’s rather alien to mainstream British culture, but:

Reptile meat is not unlike chicken: high in protein, low in saturated fats, and with widespread aesthetic and culinary appeal

A new paper suggests that farming snakes - pythons to be specific - is better for the environment and a more efficient use of food, water and other resources than the typical meat fare of pigs, cows et al.

They’re also easier to farm, especially in a world prone to climate-change related uncertainties.

Also I’m not sure exactly how to interpret the line “They display few of the complex animal welfare issues commonly seen in caged birds and mammals” - but perhaps they’re also better in terms of coping with the capitalism-driven cruelty that most of our lifeforms-destined-to-be-meat undergo? They’re also less likely to transmit zoonotic viruses along the lines of the various bird or swine flus or, of course, Covid-19.

So there we go: if you are not yet willing or able to move to a plant based diet, but yet have similar concerns to many folk that have taken that step, then perhaps you could consider moving to a snake-based one as an intermediate step on that route. After all, it only feels weird to certain cultures - snake soup is for instance a “popular Cantonese delicacy”.