Once more disregarding the warnings from future-documentary Westworld, I noticed that OpenAI gave ChatGPT a memory. It’ll start self-electing to remember things as you chat, so perhaps it’s time to start acting politely and respectfully when making your demands. You can explicitly tell it to “Remember that I love robots” or whatever.

The intent is that it’ll remember facts that will help inform what or how it communicates to you in the future. Its examples include a parent who without the help of ChatGPT would apparently have forgotten that their child likes jellyfish when designing a birthday card for her.

You can manage the memory to make it forget anything or everything. And there’s a kind of incognito-mode “temporary chat” feature where no history or memories are kept, nor is data used for future training.

Otherwise though, memories are used to train their future models unless you’ve a paid teams or enterprise account - so don’t let it remember anything too confidential. And of course, like all internet connected services, no doubt one day it’ll be hacked or otherwise leak, so there’s another reason you might not want to overindulge in the feature.