📺 Watched Black Mirror season 6.

Despite the fact that I’m not sure my nerves need shattering any further now we live in a world of perma-crisis, I risked watching the latest season of Black Mirror, which was first released in 2023.

Overall, good (bleak) times, although inevitably not quite as magnificent as some of the earlier seasons.

My favourite was episode 1, “Joan Is Awful”, probably because it’s the one that seems most plausible, most contemporary, most Black-Mirror-classic “what if phones, but too much” with its themes of AI, deep fakes, the everyday surveillence technology we willingly carry around with us each day. privacy, unreadable terms of service, algorithmic-engagement-optimised streaming services and the like.

A couple of the others were a bit less phone involved, more classic horror at points. One thing I really feel like I’ve learnt from various recent-ish day media is that if you ever discover a mysterious old VHS tape lying around then for pity’s sake please do not try and watch it. Come on, it’s been at least two decades since The Ring taught us the perils of that path.