📚 Finished reading Zero Days by Ruth Ware.

The book opens with Jacintha Cross sneaking around a corporate office, seemingly conducting some kind of heist. It turns out she’s a penetration tester so even if things did go wrong the consequences wouldn’t be all that bad. Except today, when Gabe - her partner in both life and business - ends up in some real dire straits. And most people, the police included, seem to think she’s to blame.

This felt like a fairly standard thriller, but its themes of hacking, social engineering and the like appeal to me, so I was fairly into it. There were some twists and turns to get excited about, although, despite not normally being great at doing, so I felt like I could see many of them coming substantially in advance.

Nonetheless it was compulsive enough to definitely need reading right to the end. Plus I felt like I learned a couple of techniques for confusing people into letting me into places I shouldn’t really be in that, who knows, might come in handy one day.

Cover of Zero Days book