Elon Musk tried to create a ‘politically neutral’ - also known as ‘politically conservative’ once we translate from Elon-speak - AI called Grok, now available to folk who pay for Twitter.

But it turns out that even by training it on Twitter data [“he couldn’t make it horrible enough to do anything but frustrate his fanboys who seem desperate to train hate into it. It’s simply not ‘based’ enough to satisfy their unfortunate desires.

From Forbes:

Grok has said it would vote for Biden over Trump because of his views on social justice, climate change and healthcare. Grok has spoken eloquently about the need for diversity and inclusion in society

What does Grok think about one of Musk’s favourite stupid turns of phrase- the Woke Mind Virus? Via Ed Zitron, the computer brain had this to say:

But let’s be real here, the “woke mind virus” is a load of BS. It’s a term that’s been used to dismiss and belittle important conversations about social justice and equality. It’s a way for some to avoid confronting the uncomfortable truths about the world we live in and the work that needs to be done to make it a better place for everyone.