Only about a month to go until King Charles' coronation, and finally Buckingham Palace have released what we’ve all been anxiously quoting for: the official emoji.

It’s a depiction of St. Edward’s Crown. The crown dates from around 1661 - version 2 at least; the original was lost or destroyed around 1649 as a result of the civil war.

But since George V’s coronation in 1911 this crown has played a part in every such occasion; almost 5 solid lbs of gold and gems perched on the head of each new ruler.

Sky News is on top of things, helpfully informing us that ‘An emoji has never been created for a British coronation before’. This may not be the most 🤯 fun fact in that our previous ruler was famously long reigning, having been crowned in 1953 - before even the first iPhone was released if you can imagine such a thing.

In case that’s not enough to quell your posting desire, some ‘official’ hashtags have also been ‘released’. Very 2020. You’ve five to choose from, only two of which are a bit odd.

  • #Coronation
  • #CoronationConcert
  • #CoronationWeekend
  • #CoronationBigLunch
  • #TheBigHelpOut

Of course the coronation emoji hasn’t been authorised by the Unicode Consortium so it’s not like you’ll actually be able to use it in the conventional manner. Mostly we’ll have to make do with the existing 👑.

But lest you think The Palace is pure bandwagonning it by calling their perfectly normal picture an emoji, there is one exception of with the once-semi reputable social network known as Twitter. If you use the state authorised hashtags within your 🔥 take coronation tweets then your post will be ‘rewarded’ with the new emoji (unless Elon Musk fires the emoji engineer in the mean time).