Notorious liar Nigel ‘Vile’ Farage - never has a man with a greater or more desperate thirst for fame and validation been seen - has ‘changed his mind’ once again. He’s treating us to the horror-show spectacle of him standing as an MP again in the upcoming general election. Pity the poor voters of Clacton. Even if this will be Farage’s 8th attempt to become an MP, the first seven happily ending in nothing but failure.

Last month he ruled out standing as an MP for the weird billionaire’s favourite party Reform. This month of course he is actually going to stand as an MP for Reform.

At least this will provide some rationale for the propensity of the British media insisting on featuring him on an extraordinary, unconscionable, amount of election related programming - about an election that until this announcement in theory he was not really involved in.

I can’t help but think that the equally fragile Trump must have turned down the idea of sharing the spotlight with him. So instead he’s staying on our shores, more’s the pity.

On the upside, someone took the time to throw a milkshake at Mr Farage yesterday. Again.