📺 Watched Beyond Paradise season 1 and 2.

This is ‘Death in Paradise’, fully UK edition. It literally has the one of the same detectives - 2017’s Humphrey Goodman.

But by now, he’s moved from exotic tropical paradises to Devon in the south west of England in order to settle down with his girlfriend who’s in the midst of setting up a wine bar. Of course he also somewhat accidentally manages to retain his responsibilities of bumbling around being an awkward Englishman in charge of a local police branch. Which is again situated in a small town with an incredible crime rate.

The weather and the accents might be different, but there’s still a good amount of light hearted murder and other such cozy crimes to go around.

In comparison to the original, perhaps there’s a bit more variety of crime going on but also, at least in the first series, a bit too much relationship drama for my taste. For the most part I prefer to watch seemingly impossible crimes get solved by improbable flashes of magical insight over some poor soul’s marriage slowly falling apart. Didn’t stop me finishing it though.