From the combined forces of Freedom from Torture, Amnesty International UK and Liberty:

This shameful Bill trashes the constitution and international law whilst putting torture survivors and other refugees at risk of an unsafe future in Rwanda.

It’s time for those in power to stop demonising and scapegoating some of the most vulnerable people in our society, and to restore the right to asylum in the UK and uphold vital international protections.”

Yes, we’re talking about the Rwanda immigration scheme / scam again I’m afraid.

The government may have, appallingly, finally forced the ‘Rwanda bill’ - the one that magically legislates Rwanda into being a perfect wholly and indisputably pleasant dream destination for the UK to (probably illegally) abrogate its international responsibilities and remaining semblance of human compassion to - through the system.

But they still have to find planes to actually put these poor beleaguered seekers of urgent respite on to - and the UN is warning airlines and aviation operators that, even though the less well-hinged members of our government say that This Is Fine, other organisations do actually still need to try to avoid breaching international human rights laws.

The Conservatives may not care about tiny little minor issues like becoming international pariahs - but they are of course not the only show in town.