Watched Barbie (the movie).

Unfortunately this film was a big enough sensation that I’d heard many of the best lines before watching it, and I don’t suppose it’s single-handedly going to cause the feminist revolution we all still sadly need. But it was very cool to see some of these ideas brought to the truly mass market]( in such an enjoyable way, alongside some nods and winks to folk who already have already started the journey to enlightenment.

Same applies to film buffs - many shoutouts are included to iconic films of years past. The way it starts is an extremely clear parallel to 2001: A Space Odyssey’s famous intro.

The world design was also delightful, especially (I’d assume) if you have a history of playing with the classic doll. And somewhat educational too. I did for instance learn that there used to be a pregnant Barbie, aka Midge, for real. The Today website informs us that it came with:

…a detachable, magnetized pregnant belly that could fit her accompanying plastic infant

No-one wouldn’t want to see this, so here we go, from the same Today article.

Midge, the pregnant Barbie doll

Not to mention an $82 doll actually called ‘Sugar Daddy Ken’. But don’t worry, that’s definitely not wildly inappropriate, he comes with a dog-doll that happens to be called Sugar. He’s just Sugar’s Daddy. Only someone must have forgotten the apostrophe and s when designing the box. Here he is, taken from the same article.

The Sugar Daddy Ken doll

And, at the other end of the slightly disturbing spectrum, ‘Growing Up Skipper’ which was:

…a technological marvel of a doll that grew taller — and grew breasts — when users twisted her left arm

So you’ll need to see a video of that one.

For the avoidance of doubt, despite being the film’s villains, Mattel - owners of the Barbie brand - are probably not all that upset at the film. They estimated the film will have increased their monetary takings buy at least £100 million - some directly as coming from the rights to a percentage of box office revenues, other parts more due to a surge of interest in Barbie after the film release.

But it can’t be all bad though. After all, the movie drove a certain kind of conservative activist wild when it came out - who can forget hilariously thin-skinned Ben Shapiro burning his Barbie in protest?

Here’s the trailer for the few remaining people who haven’t seen it.