OpenAI is one of a number of tech companies that have provided sizeable investments into Figure, a company that makes humanoid robots. The creators of ChatGPT will enter into partnership with Figure to develop “develop next generation AI models for humanoid robots”.

Here’s a video showing their progress so far. Finally humanity is one step nearer never having to do the washing up ever again:

It’s uncanny, even though I imagine as per almost all tech demos there may have been a certain amount of fiddling around to make it look cleverer than it actually is. Unlike Elon Musk’s 2021 effort I don’t think this is just a man in a fancy dress costume.

What could possibly go wrong? Just try not to dress them up as cowboys I guess.

In case you’re wondering, no, these robots aren’t chained to the sink for your convenience or safety. Even before the OpenAI involvement they could walk around, heavy objects in hand.

At this point in time though, it’s probably quicker to just make your own cup of coffee.