I feel like a bare minimum criteria for the criminal abrogation of the UK’s international responsibilities and sense of humanity that is the plan to send our asylum seekers to Rwanda should be that people from Rwanda are not currently finding the need to seek asylum from Rwanda in the UK.

Nonetheless, from the Observer:

Four Rwandans were granted refugee status in the UK over “well-founded” fears of persecution at the same time as the government was arguing in court and parliament that the east African country was a safe place to send asylum seekers.

I mean, are we just going to put those who were compelled to flee Rwanda on a flight to…Rwanda?

Even if Rwanda was the paradise-for-all that the Government attempted to legislatively wishcast into being the case recently, the idea is entirely unworkable, unethical and illegal anyway. But come on, surely even some people who would otherwise support this dreadful culture-war nonsense might concur that the idea that is is OK to send asylum seekers to a country that legitimate asylum seekers come from is a non-starter.

One person fleeing from Rwanda saw a successful asylum claim here literally the day after the Government finished arguing that it was safe in the Supreme Court.