🎶 Listening to Hell Is A Teenage Girl by Nessa Barrett.

Nessa is a Tiktok star. Perhaps a true emissary of Gen Z with possibly the somewhat stereotypical Gen Z habits of spending time staying in writing in her gratitude journal and doing tarot alongside her cat whilst releasing TikTok videos rather than the again stereotypical debauched and drunken lifestyles of such stars in former generations

Some of her ability to attract an incredible number of fans likely comes from her openness about her mental health problems. Sadly it sounds like she’s suffered tremendously from a range of conditions.

She’s also musically talented enough that posting her vids on TikTok led to a recording contract with Warner Brothers.

I think I read somewhere that the concept behind much of this EP is to enumerate the stages one goes through after a rough relationship breakup - the incompatible thoughts one might have: reminiscing, happy memories, disgust, hatred, caring nothing, caring too much. Aspects of it remind me of several other artists, from Taylor Swift to Girl In Red; the last song giving me the vibes a somewhat less intense version of Serotonin.