MusicBrainz Picard is a great utility to clean up your computerised music collection if like me you are old and lazy enough to have the occasional folder of MP3s (or other audio formats) ripped from CDs years ago which you cunningly named “track1.mp3”, “track2.mp3” whilst not bothering to add any title or artist metadata. Or if you’re the type to get deep into tagging precisely which edition of which thing published where your music is.

You just tell the software where your tracks are and it tries to recognise them in a couple of ways. It can go by their AcoustID fingerprint if there is no metadata - meaning it can work even if you haven’t got a clue what or where your file came from.

If it can’t figure it out automatically then if you do know what album or song it probably should be it allows you to manually search the database for it in your browser. No matter how you proceed, it’ll later provide an indication of how confident it is in the matches based on things like track length.

Once that’s all down, hit save, and your files will be rewritten with the appropriate metadata taken from the incredible MusicBrainz database, and renamed nicely if you select the appropriate option.

If your files are obscure enough to not be in the MusicBrainz database then I guess you’ll have no luck. But I haven’t encountered this yet.

The only minor problem I’ve had is when it identified my music as being a release of the correct album but in another country. No big deal if you’re not a perfectionist - but if you want the exact right cover and publication metadata then that was easily fixed by using the manual search feature which lets you pick specific country releases.