Noticed a couple of newish ChatGPT features. Firstly there’s an official iOS app, available for free. An Android one is in the works.

Also you can now share your AI conversations via sending a link. Anyone who knows the link can open it so be careful what you include - although by default it’s at least somewhat anonymous. Personally I wouldn’t particularly trust the system with any sensitive info in the first place.

Once the recipient opens it they can read the convo and keep on chatting to the robot mastermind in a copy of the same session. It’s a snapshot though, if you continue the conversation after generating the link, the recipient doesn’t see the new bits. Official info here.

I guess the real question is for those folk who have chatGPT perform a sizeable amount of their job for them. Will they communicate with their colleagues exclusively via chatGPT links, or does that give the game away too much?