📺 Watched season 12 of Death in Paradise.

Everyone’s favourite vacation paradise / murder hotspot returns for more light-hearted death presented in a Agatha Christie-ish style except with a backing track of jolly Caribbean tunes and occasional slapstick chases.

So the same as it’s always been. It’s never been the most fashionable of shows, but it has been one of the most consistent and, perhaps surprisingly, most popular BBC shows of the past decade.

Really the worst I can say about it is its slight whiff of the White savior trope in a ‘clever and logical white man comes to solve foreign mysteries’ way. Although the gentleman in question changes every so often and is always a little weird or inadequate in stereotypically British other ways. But if you liked anything in the last huge number of series then there’s no reason not to watch this one. I found a couple of the later episodes actually fairly gripping.

Very much ‘familiar, warm and dependable’, as the Guardian says. Nice family-friendly unambiguously solvable murders in the sun, no Special Victims Unit to be seen.