📺 Finished watching seasons 1-4 of Ghosts.

Funny, harmless, British sitcom wherein Alison and Mike inherit a haunted mansion. Given ghosts are generally invisible and immaterial, the lucky couple would probably never have known about them, except that after Alison sustains a head injury she develops the ability to see and hear them.

As far as Mike is concerned then, Alison is constantly distracted, talking to nobody. Whilst she is endlessly surrounded by shouty demanding ex-people desperate for company. But they seem to be able to work that out just fine.

The ghosts are of people who died in the area of the house throughout history, from caveman to sleazy very obviously Thatcherite Conservative MP. Although the latter’s manner of speech often calls Blair to my mind.

The ghosts are stuck on the premises, with only each other to talk to - endless games of charades ensue - until such time as they are inexplicably ‘sucked off’ to another realm. Their words, not mine. This is classic British humour see. One of them is, inevitably, called Fanny.

Recommended. Although I still haven’t figured out how I’d cope with either being Alison or a ghost.

There’s also an American version, but I haven’t seen that to check whether they adequately translated the extraordinary obvious double entendres well.