The release of GPT-4 has led to a flurry of mind-bendingly impressive tricks that I mean to create a list of. Unfortunately it also enables grim but inevitable services such as CupidBot.

This abuse of cutting-edge AI software allows men - yes, only men, heterosexual men at that - to have a bot log onto their various dating app accounts, do their swiping, chatting and setting up of dates with no intervention required (outside of a monthly subscription fee).

The idea is that it automates everything from partner selection up to where you will go for a date, so you just need to turn up. Of course this is done without disclosure to prospective partners, so it’s pure deception. It’s surely against the terms of these services, but they “guarantee you that your account will not be banned for using the bot as the AI mimics human behavior to a tee”.

I mean, “we have the data on how to talk to girls for optimal results.”. It’s turn-of-the-millennium style Pick-Up-Artistry brought into the dark timeline of 2023 automate-everything existence. It’s a shame we don’t seem to have moved onto some pleasanter idea of humanity when even Neil Strauss himself is “in the camp that any manipulation is not a good thing”.

Happily, a (female) friend observes that the fact the homepage has a calendar displaying an artificially-created “breakfast date with Lacy at her house” is clear evidence that this was designed by men for men, and so with luck may be useless in practice. Imagine inviting some Hinge randomer to your house for breakfast on your first date.