Finished playing Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc 🎮.

Monokuma, from the Danganronpa wiki.

A visual novel style game where you’re trapped in a school under the purview of a tyrannical teddy bear. He’s happy to let you “graduate”, but only if you first murder one of your friends in such a way that the rest never suspect you. And nobody wants to do something like that, right?

The main action consists of a series of trials whereupon you need to destroy the testimony of your friends/rivals by literally firing “truth bullets” at their invalid statements, in between a few somewhat inexplicable bouts of hangman and rhythm games.

“Havoc” is a good subtitle for it; it’s pretty insane and chaotic. But the story is gripping and addictive. The twists and turns you learn throughout the trials are high-tier detective drama-like at times. If you are OK with a lot of reading, and some high-school drama, it comes highly recommended, albeit with one caveat.

As others have noted, it includes plenty of aspects that these days might be considered crass or problematic - enough to make me inwardly cringe now and then - so buyer beware. It’s definitely not one for children.