Listening to Midnights, by Taylor Swift 🎶.

In possibly the coldest take available on the internet today, Taylor Swift’s new album is really good. It’s broken a few records in terms of sales and popularity.

When I first listened to it I felt like all the bassy synths gave it a kind of ominous feel that I didn’t need in 2022, but a couple of listens later and I fully appreciate it. The general conceit is that each song reflects a sleepless night of her life, and sure enough some of the included angst may be familiar to those of us who are not multi-millionaire musical megastars too.

Apparently the album is filled with secret messages for the internet to discover. I came to Swift far too late and probably lackadaisically to get any of them but they’re there for those more informed.

Here’s one of the highlights, with a fun spooky (albeit originally controversial) video.