Watched The Power of the Doctor Doctor Who special 📺.

So I liked it, but I love Daleks and Cybermen enough as sci-fi enemies that you could even put them in Matt Hancock’s episode of “I’m a Celebrity” and I’d say it was good. Add in the master, UNIT and the actual companions and various previous incarnations of the eponymous hero themselves from decades-old episodes and it can’t disappoint.

It might be fairly said that the story itself was rather chaotic and incoherent at times, so I don’t blame anyone who thought it was too messy to follow. But if you have any nostalgia for Dr W then you’ll probably like it.

Also a great ending. I often regret seeing all the early “the next Doctor will be played by X” stories as it naturally spoils the when and who of the relevant episode’s grand finale. But this one still managed to surprise me.