Haven’t thoroughly dug into the Conservative’s latest mini-budget yet but I think a chart from the Resolution Foundation gives some insight as to its nature.

Given the most immediate problem to solve is along the lines of poorer people not having enough money to heat their homes or eat, this seems to be the kind of outcome only a cartoon supervillain would think was a goer.

Jim Pickard confirmed that the removal of the 45p income tax rate gives away an average of £10,000 to the top 629,000 earners. James Ball notes that if there’s that much spare money on offer it could instead have been used to give every single household with an income of less than £20k an extra £1000 each.

Luckily most of the public realise this, according to YouGov, with 63% of respondents realising the wealthy would benefit more (with most of the rest saying they aren’t sure either way).