In an unexpected twist, the latest front in the mostly-meh-version of the culture war that UK Conservatives seem desperate to provoke appears to be…the weather.

Sir John Hayes, a Conservative MP who chairs the presumably sarcastically named named ‘Common Sense Group’ and by amazing coincidence also happens to receive £50,000 a year from an oil company, had the following to say:

This is not a brave new world but a cowardly new world where we live in a country where we are frightened of the heat.

It is not surprising that in snowflake Britain, the snowflakes are melting.Thankfully, most of us are not snowflakes.

The idea that we clamour for hot weather for most of the year and then shut down when it does heat up is indicative of the state in which we now live.

In case anyone was curious about actual facts, the chance of the next few days featuring the hottest ever temperatures seen in the UK has risen to 80%, which is likely to cause thousands of deaths even if people do ‘cowardly’ take precautions.

There’s a type of modern conservative - thankfully seen more overseas as far as I can tell - that really just seems to love owning libs by recommending that their own followers do things that are likely to cause harm to themselves.