Finally got around to trying out Fall Guys 🎮. It’s a multiplayer battle royale type game where, as a contestant on a supposed TV show you’ve got to get through various mini-games - mainly winning races and not falling into slime - until there’s only 1 player left standing.

The premise, and something about the screen you get when each game concludes, gives me strong vibes of one of the TV shows that most stuck in my brain in the recent past, Squid Game.

But there’s nothing dark about Fall Guys, it’s all family-friendly fun. It’s only Squid Game if everyone involved was Mr Blobby, you lived in a cartoon world, and when you lost you got fewer “rewards” than you otherwise would have, rather than being shot.

A better comparison might be the classic Takeshi’s Castle. In fact, one of the minigames is exactly the same as the second entry in this random collection of “best bits”.

Mindless fun that I doubt isn’t going to keep my attention in solitary form, but perhaps a good party game. It does feel a little microtransactiony-tacky, but they seem pretty cosmetic, and at least it means that the game is free to play.