In one of those policies that might almost seem hilarious if it wasn’t entirely based on ignorance, prejudice and cruelty, the Saudi Arabia state has apparently sent out officials to confiscate any rainbow-coloured toys and clothing on sale, be they colourful hair clips, hats, pencil cases or anything else bright and shiny.

Presumably because Pride flags usually have a rainbow-inspired design, their rationale is that rainbow coloured products contradict “normal common sense”, send a “poisoned message” to children, and “promote homosexual colours”, whatever that could possibly even mean.

Basically, they’re concerned that if a child sees a rainbow coloured pencil case they will become gay. And that that’s somehow a bad thing even if it wasn’t pure nonsense.

I’m not sure of their state position on what should be done should an actual rainbow appear in the sky.

Just to reinforce the cold hard reality of the situation behind such breathtakingly absurd policies as this, Saudia Arabia is one of ten countries where having gay sex is potentially punishable by death.