Like apparently the rest of my country, I’ve recently been enjoying the Sex Pistols' outstanding remake of the British national anthem, God Save The Queen. Truly an iconic masterpiece from times past, even if “regime” doesn’t quite rhyme with “queen”.

That made me curious as to the always dangerous question of: Where are they now? And yes, it proved a disappointing tale.

Lead singer, Johnny Rotten aka John Lydon apparently went full MAGA, voting for Trump to avoid the Democrats' “chaotic, dogma-led…Karl Marx agenda”. Hmm.

Whilst we’re courting…erm…“curious” opinions, apparently these days he has a strong belief that the political right wing is now where it’s at if you want to hang with all the cool people. Fellow turns-out-to-have-been-a-shitposter Elon Musk is predictably happy to applaud his expression of said sentiment.

Mr Rotten also hates the idea of anarchy, and actually quite likes the queen.

Just as I thought the destruction of the punk fantasy must have reached its nadir, we come to the inevitable event of the Pistols churning out - wait for it - an NFT collection.