In a continuation of the odd tendency some companies seem to have to see activities described in books that to the rest of us seem dystopian as in fact aspirational, Coinbase apparently has its employees instantly 1:1 rate each other after interactions such as meetings.

They utilise software called Dot Collector, which is most famously used by the notorious hedge funddot company Bridgewater.

During their meetings, Bridgewater employees are expected to live rate each other as the meeting goes on from 1-10 on numerous attributes such as open-mindedness and assertiveness, as well as any specific comments they’d like to make explaining their ratings.

These ratings and comments are by default public, so at the end of the meeting one can view a matrix of which person rated each other person at what score, which I’m sure never causes any problems, let alone exposes structural biases or prejudices, whatsoever.

In case you too aspire to this level of minute-by-minute judgement of the inner character of anyone unlucky enough to work with you, the software is also available as a Zoom app.

I mean, even the way they talk about the software is extremely The Circle. To quote from the Zoom addin user guide

That’s why all Dots are gifts…especially the constructive ones…to help you along the way.

Just as the Circlers like to say, sharing is caring.