2024-07-11: Britain now has MPs aged from 22 to 80

2024-07-07: The UK has a new Labour government

2024-07-04: The day has come - it's time to go vote in the UK general election

2024-07-03: A new Channel 4 documentary asks us 'Can AI steal your vote?'

2024-07-01: From The BBC: France’s far right is in pole position after the first round of parliamentary …

2024-06-30: Led by Donkeys doing some of their usual amazing work via slowly dropping a banner featuring an …

2024-06-29: New scandal dropped: The Conservative officials who bet on the election date based on inside knowledge

2024-06-28: 📚 Finished reading Politics on the Edge by Rory Stewart.

2024-06-26: ✉️ Reading the Political Calculus newsletter.

2024-06-22: Louisiana schools are now legally required to display the biblical Ten Commandments

2024-06-21: What a surprise that Nigel Farage - current face of the booming Reform party - isn’t opposed …

2024-06-19: (At least) one of the UK's general election candidates is an AI chatbot

2024-06-14: The day has come: Reform is polling slightly higher than the Conservatives in the “Who do you …

2024-06-13: The general election manifestos are out

2024-06-12: The cutting edge AI-bots couldn't say who won the 2020 US Presidential election

2024-06-11: The pro-Putin anti-women Reform candidate who prefers Hitler to Churchill

2024-06-08: Conservatives halt digital ad campaigns after daily spend plunged The party has halted all its …

2024-06-05: Nigel Farage is, unfortunately, (dis)gracing us with his presence once again

2024-06-03: A third Conservative MP defects to Labour

2024-05-31: Trump can't pardon himself for yesterday's crimes even if he becomes president again

2024-05-30: Donald Trump has been convicted on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in his historic …

2024-05-27: The Labour party’s chief of staff Sue Gray has created a risk register - less formally known …

2024-05-25: So far 80 Conservative MPs quit rather than face a general election

2024-05-23: Sunak announces that the UK will have a General Election on July 4th

2024-05-18: Britain has the highest rate of homelessness in the developed world